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Friday, September 14, 2012

Grilling With Liam Bacon Wrapped Chicken Part 2

Electric Smoker
Liam Sean O'Sullivan uses an electric smoker but his recipes can be used on any smoker.
It's been awhile since we featured Part One of Liam's Grilling Tips, featuring his scrumptious pork that used an Electric Meat Smoker .  Liam Sean O'Sullivan smokes it up in Central Illinois. His recipes are out of this world and not to mention healthy! We can apply his recipes to any regular grill smoker! 

Liam's Bacon Wrapped Chicken Recipe
Courtesy of Liam Sean O'Sullivan

Chicken Grilling
Liam's Bacon Wrapped Chicken is Delicious and Nutritious!
Liam's top secret recipes looks more complicated than it is.  He uses chicken breasts and if you look closely adds a bit of seasoning (which includes red pepper).  A bit of dry rub wouldn't hurt either!  Liam wraps them lovingly with farm raised bacon (you can go up to 3 slices thick), and garnishes the toothpicks with sweet peppers. 
bacon wrapped chicken
Total cooking time he says is about 2.5 hours, and slathering with your favorite BBQ Sauce before, during or after is optional.  Make sure to read about Liam's other meals under Part One here if you haven't already.

Eat Healthy!

Poultry is a healthy alternative when grilling.  Here is a great book on Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes. We also recommend eating lots of fruits and vegetables throughout your day to balance those big meaty meals you have too.   The web is full of healthy recipes and low fat alternatives, for something totally different yet super yummy go to healthy food recipes.  We made a very scrumptious Thai Mango Salad.

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