Thursday, September 27, 2012

To Kabob or Not To Kebab ...sheesh...

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History of Kabobs

What a crazy question. Kabobs, oh yeah. Do you know I found out that from this article  they claim Christopher Columbus did attribute Kabobs to the Portuguese (though they claim kebabs are originally of Turkish descent)? I don't care who takes the credit for them--it was a mighty fine idea putting a bunch of veggies and scraps of things on a stick and grilling the crap out of it don't you think?

I don't know if you remember that I told you before when I visited Whaling City, Massachusetts for the annual festival in the Portuguese community they told me pit beef in their culture was supposed to be small chunks of beef on the kabob stick, not the giant ass hunks I had on my grill to slice with a meat slicer (which they really didn't like one bit.)  Lucky for me although I didn't sell much beef that week, but I sure did have a great time hanging out with Chef Scott Boland from Smithfield.

Cons of Kabobs: With Solution

The one thing that urks me is the wooden sticks. I can't tell you how many times they have splintered in my mouth, even when soaking them first to make sure they won't.  So I use these stainless steel shish kabob skewers .Your kabobs won't spin on this stick! Made of stainless steel these side skewers will last a lifetime. Check out their blog for some great recipes too!

Pros of Kabobs:  Outweigh the Cons

The great thing about Kabobs is there aren't any rules. You can stick whatever the hell you want on that stick and grill it and feel like a very accomplished pitmaster. There's nothing like beef, shrimp or chicken kabobs done over a hickory hardwood slathered with (grilling tip->) your barbecue sauce and cherry tomatoes on top added at the very last minute!  Most kabobs are healthy mixes of meat and veggies, and may be considered a healthy alternative!

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