Monday, October 1, 2012

Turkey Legs Ribs Smoking on the Barbeque Pit Photographed

Maybe I love taking pictures of my food as much as the barbecue sport itself, I don't know. I really work hard to get my smoked turkey legs looking beautiful so when John Q. Public walks by they can't help themselves from wanting a bite.
Turkey Legs on BigFatDaddys
When the sun hits the turkey legs a certain way it looks like heaven is smiling down on my barbecue pit. Does this sound corny? I don't know,  but there is an ear of corn to the left.  I wish I could get better with my camera, to the point where my photographs were ultra professional looking.

big fat daddys
As you can see the turkey legs when cooked from frozen, have an altogether different look. Much like the raw ribs, it takes awhile to get the turkey legs looking beautiful.  I'm not sure why I really like this shot of the ribs in the covered smoker.  Perhaps it's start to finish and such a huge difference in color!

big fat daddys

There's only so much you can do with a smartphone. Here I have buried the legs with the ribs, hoping to smoke them faster.

All these have been taken with my Sprint HTC smart phone. I am a crazy barbecue guy who has to get my shots in before I serve the food. In doing so I have managed to destroy several smart phones just this year, dropping one in a bucket of water.  Oh well, what can you do. Pictures like this don't come often.

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Now if only I could learn my NIKON. 

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