Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Best to Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens


We just wanted to take this minute and say we are so sorry to hear that Ray Lewis has suffered an injury and will be out for the rest of the football season. Not only is he a great ball player, (and of course if you ask us, he "is" the Ravens) but we really think the world of him.

bigfatdaddys ray lewis
We love Ray because he does so much through his foundation. Here we are at Ray's Summer Days

He's a huge motivational leader in our hometown of Baltimore.  Ray is someone who makes a difference in the community from getting involved with the kids, and he lets them know always to have faith when the going gets rough.   Ray, we wish you a speedy recovery and you are in our thoughts.

The only reason Wayne isn't wearing #52 is because he got a BFD #63 made for his birthyear!
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