Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is Barbecue Healthy? Stop Pig Discrimination

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Pork this, Pork that, are there unfair cases of pig discrimination unfair?

Today I'm not talking about beef barbecue, I'm talking about classic Pulled Pork BBQ.  Is it really healthy for you? According to this study over at Men's Health, pork contains less fat than chicken breasts and has good health benefits.  On the contrary, there are lots of folks who refuse to touch or even taste a succulent pork barbeque sandwich due to the fact it comes from a dirty, muddy, smelly, messy  pig! (Didn't they ever watch Charlotte's Web?) Oh well, thanks to this blog over at Food Network we can see that when compared: 

Pork Tenderloin          versus        Chicken Breast
Calories: 96 calories                    Calories: 142 calories
Total Fat: 3 grams                         Total Fat: 3 grams

Truth be told there are conflicting reports on many websites, and sometimes pork is shunned merely because the word "bacon" and "saturated fat" comes to mind.  This should be called pig discrimination! If you ask any barbecue guru they are sure to tell you how many different parts are on the pig and how you can use pork rump, pork shoulder, or pork loin to make the pulled pork barbeque--which all poses more questions as to trying to find out exactly how many calories in a pork barbecue sandwich.
 big fat daddys
Does Mitt Romney have a problem eating Wilbur?

Would Michelle Obama agree that pork is healthy?
In a generic "pulled pork bbq" search for calories, Livestrong website indicates there are "90 calories in 1/4 cup, with 1.5g of fat."   Sounds great huh--but not really. Who eats only 2 ounces of pork barbecue on their sandwich? Not me or most guys I know!  I would think an average bun in the barbecue world may yield you four or even as much as five ounces and that's not including the slaw piled on top or bbq sauce dousted on (if you swing that way).  Now a a sub roll at Big Fat Daddy's may yield you almost ounces of pulled pork topped with slaw,  (not counting the bun!) So now what?

Bottom line, anything you eat should be in moderation.  Consider a nice sized pork barbecue sandwich topped with slaw a good meal.  If you are worried about your weight, skimp on dinner. You can do low fat fish or steamed veggies (or kabobs) to offset the whopping six ounces of pork you just consumed.  Look up sites like Diet Foods to help you make menu plans and stay trim.

In a nutshell I get tired of people assuming just because it comes from a pig, it's bad for you.  Do the math, try some swine. Not to mention a whole world of pork barbecue out there, when never do two taste exactly the same, that you are missing! 

Pork Lovers: They are Everywhere.

If you like pork, make sure to visit the Hogging Up Barbecue Festival page that will be coming to Virginia real soon!

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