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Australian Beef vs American Meat Sustainable Agriculture BBQ @AustralianLamb

BBQ Sign
Kollective Fusion offers this sign, great for any bbq guy.
For Beef's Sake

For my fairs and festivals, I must do a buy in each year based on how many truckloads of beef I will need. Most local distributors or sustainable green farms can't meet my organic demand which is a huge problem, I am then forced to go with the big beef companies though my food guy.   I'm all about supporting the American economy and proud to be American but for years I have not agreed with the use of the growth hormones as it pertains to livestock. 

beef chart
I have a bunch of old vintage bbq books, this one was put out by Sears Roebuck !
Whether it be in their feed, on the grass, or injected into them,  I just don't like it.  I used to have a farm and fatten up my cows and pigs just fine. I don't know about you, but if you were willing to do the following then what I'm saying is true.  If  you were to eat a pit beef sandwich (or a McDonald's burger) as a meal once per day--for a year and not change your diet or exercise habits you would most likely see unexplained bulking up of muscles and added weight gain. This is due to the growth hormones added to the meats or to the feed that the cattle is eating which then obviously is absorbed into the meats.
Vintage Roadside took this great photo, from Texas. See it full size and get it here.

Now what I can't figure out is why other countries are doing things the right way.  If they have figured a way to keep up with supply and demand, why can't we?

                        America: Made with Growth Hormones.                          
Australia: Proud to be Sustainable 

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Antique Cow Pull Toy at Modern Poetry.

I'd like to see America focused on the same principals as Australia. Many people do not realize that Australia has a huge focus on practicing ethical treatment of animals and keeping these standards high.  They export to over 100 countries, so they can keep up with the supply and demand. Just ask the Meat and Livestock Australia, Ltd.

aussie meats
Meat and Livestock Australia has an office in Washington DC

They say, "Australian Beef is all natural, minimally processed and contains no artificial additives. Products offered range from 100% free-range, grass-fed beef to grain-fed beef. "  The way in which the beef is raised, prepared, and the welfare of the animals and being green is very important to the people of Australia. . In fact, they have a Red Meat Green Facts website. Here is a credo:

" As Australian beef and sheep farmers, we make our living on the land and have done so for generations. It is in our best interest to ensure our practices are environmentally sustainable not just for our livelihood, but also for our families, the community and for generations to come."

So why can't we apply these principals?  Surely there must be a way.  If Australia is worried about tradition then shouldn't we be too?

Hey, if you are in Australia and want the best meats for your gig, try calling up these folks:

melbourne caterers
Chef Paul Le Noury does great catering in Melbourne

Yum Catering is owned by Executive Chef Paul Le Noury.  They do corporate catering and all types of events (everything from birthdays to cocktail parties.)  Chef Paul will handle your event large or small!  They have space you can rent for private parties and online ordering!  Catering Melbourne now is just a click away!  Next time I'm in Australia I'm going to stop by and see what great beef dishes Chef Paul has on the menu.  That's one way to ensure you get yourself some great Aussie beef.

Yum Catering 
Address: 7160, St Kilda Road, Melbourne  
Call: 1300 536 687
Twitter: @ChefPaulLeNoury
Facebook:  yumcateringmelb

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