Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ray Lewis Retiring: Baltimore Phenomenon

We've seen Ray play many times, I took this pic at a September game.
It's a Sad Day in Baltimore 

My hometown community of Baltimore is shaken by the news we all knew one day we'd hear just yesterday-- Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will be retiring.  Ending his career after a 17 wonderful year run, many Baltimore people say the same thing, "Ray Lewis is The Ravens." It's not just that he's a good football player. 

Ray does a lot for the community and the kids in Baltimore.  He's brought something to the games that us Baltimore people just can't explain. You say Ravens, we say Ray Ray.  He has somehow turned half the wives of football junkies into huge football fans. My wife has turned from a nonchalant "what is football" chick to a mean football watching machine. She hoots and hollers and I blame Ray for that.  I know a 93 year old woman who wants to watch the Ravens religiously because of Ray.  Baltimore Loves Their Ravens!  He's touched the young, and the old. It's like he's a phenomenon. 

Watching a Raven's game without Ray in defensive motion, stomping out of the tunnel, or going nuts on the sidelines will not be the same. Many of us know now, that this Sunday's game could possibly be his last one--unless the Ravens  make it all the way to the Superbowl which we hope.

Today, we are all still in shock, even though we knew Ray would have to retire sooner or later.  Hey, if it was up to the fans, he'd be playing until he was 90. If not in the game, on the sidelines. We of course have to come to reality with the fact he's human, he has a family, and he's got to life his life outside of the Ravens. 

Ray has a love for the game like no other.

Many People Ask, How Has Ray Lasted This Long? 

Ray has been pretty lucky injury wise (up until recently) and there's three key reasons for that.  At 37 he can outrun most 18 year olds, but how is this?

First, he he trained like a warrior. Training your body hard and pushing it to the limit prevents the shock-factor. I am quite sure Ray works out harder in a day than the average person does in a month.

Two, he was on a healthy food diet.  I've worked with him in the past catering for his Ray Summer Days bowling party and at his home for his paintball tourney, and knew then he was on a (high protein) diet.  I also know from this article that he was big into healthy juicing and juice drinks.  You can get a lot of  juice from fruits and vegetables. 

Add the strict diet and veggie infusion with the warrior workout and you have a well oiled machine. That's not all however. There is a third factor. 

Last but not least, Ray has faith in his heart and soul. When you put your heart and soul into something and allow your faith to guide you, chances are, you will prevail. A lot can be learned form Ray.  

Here's to You Ray

I'm going to have to name a recipe after you now,  and of course, break out the Kleenex on Sunday as this big boy is gonna bawl knowing it's your last ride.  Here's to you buddy. 

How to Juice Like Ray Ray 

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