Friday, February 22, 2013

East Coast West Coast Stadium Foods and Places to Eat

ravens stadium focusing on concessions for 2014
Ravens  : Seat Prices Going Up and Hopefully Food Quality too
Stadium Food: Do You Eat It?

Baltimore Ravens Stadium announced an increase in ticket prices on average $10 each, then soon thereafter Stadium announced a $35 million dollar renovation including better concessions stands. Add that to the fact Flacco wants $100 million this year and I think we will all be choking on our $8 hot dogs.

I have to say I live at the Ravens' stadium but I'm not big on eating there so I'm glad more focus is aimed at concessions.  Honestly, the food you can't see prepared and usually is wrapped or held and handed to you sometimes luke warm and not the best.  The sausages and stadium dogs are okay, but how can you really screw those up ? The beef and burger's I've gotten are sometimes cold and truth be told, I'd rather eat outside the gates.

Ravens Stadium vs Orioles Stadium

Now the same isn't true for some of the stands at Orioles Stadium. For years I watched an the cooks cook my crabcakes fresh and they were sure worth the $14+ ticket price. I find myself eating more hot dogs and brats than usual and of course, the Natty Boh on tap helps. 

I often find myself in the pubs outside of the stadium eating their food before I go in. I'm wondering if most of Baltimore go to the stadium to see the game and drink, then leave to fend into the city to try to eat elsewhere, or eat before they come.  The city has some great eats from Ruth Chris Steakhouse to Mother's Bar and Grille just depending on what you are in the mood for and how much you want to spend.

What About the West Coast?

I was wondering if the West Coast has these same problems. So I picked Anaheim to see what's happening there--previous home of the Rams, now the Angels. It appears they have great food inside and all around the stadium. On Yelp they received a 4/5 star review with a lot of comments about the food, and this great article "Great Eats by Angel Stadium Anaheim" tells you where to eat by or near the stadium.
natty boh brats
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Stadium Foods : Best Baltimore Regional Offerings

Years ago stadium foods used to be pretty basic. Hot dogs , burgers, cheesesteak and sausage. Now you can grab a Natty Boh Brat in Baltimore Oriole's Stadium by local sausage maker Roma Sausage, and finish it down with a great Natty Boh Beer.  (5 /5 stars)  Also since Baltimore is named for Pit Beef, you can grab a Boog Powell's pit beef sandwich and see why we love our big bun beef piled on high with raw onions, bbq, and mayo.

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