Monday, February 18, 2013

Boost Your Immune System Citrus HighVit

Citrus Marinade on beef
Yes this is a real photo. Grab my Citrus Marinade recipe HERE.
Three Ways Not to Get Sick

Everyone's sick.....except me.  I guess I should knock on something made of wood.  I don't believe in the flu shot and people laugh that I use swear by lots of citrus in my diet.  Here are my top three ways not to get sick.

1.  I use citrus marinade on my beef and often mix orange juice into my tequila-lime-chicken. I stick bits of fresh orange in my salad and use lime juice when making fresh salsa.  I don't care what anyone says, citrus fruits are full of vitamins and they sure keep me from getting sick.

2. I take my multi-vitamin.

I snagged this of the highvit website. Look at the umbrella. It keeps you covered.

3. I drink these drinks. I don't have time to learn the wonders of juicing it up as I am always on the go. I stock myself full of these vitamin drinks with benefits for my body by HighVit . These don't taste bad like some "energy drinks" I've tasted.  They are enriched with close to supplemental quantities of vitamins--meaning if I skip FORGET my vitamin today no biggie, I'm basically covered. And if I take my vitamin, well, I'm more than covered. Bye Bye Flu Germs!


Their website says, "HighVit Functional drinks provide the required amounts of specialized nutrients together with vitamins to support 3 main functions: – Immunity defense – Body energy levels – Digestive function."

Here's a video: 

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