Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pancakes Now Pit Beef Later Weight Loss for Big Guys

pancake breakfast
Breakfast of Champions.
Pancakes Now - If Breakfast if your Big Meal of the Day

I'm piggybacking on how I told you I ate low carbs and lost 100 pounds. They key is not to skip breakfast by any means. If you are 350 pounds and trying to lose weight a nature bar is not going to cut it, sorry!   I am really a firm believer that it's pointless to starve yourself. The body will trick your system into thinking it must store the fat and will make it harder for you to lose weight. In fact, I ate the biggest meal of the day either at breakfast, or at lunch. For breakfast,  I whipped up these pancakes with a recipe from Chef John found here but I modified and cut the sugar in 1/2. I sprinkled a pinch of brown sugar on top to add sweetness, and used lite syrup.  Now, my suggestion is to use a non stick pancake pan like the one here  Perfect Pancakes.This makes it easy to regulate the size of your pancake and whip them up fast!

No time for Pancakes?

 Make Eggs in the Morning or read why Beef and Pork for breakfast is a good idea.

Pit Beef Baltimore
Pit Beef tends to have a lot of bread. Skip the bread or eat only half the bun.
Pit Beef For Lunch

If you didn't have a huge breakfast and eat a lot of carbs, then by all means eat that pit beef sandwich for lunch. This will be your fill up meal.  However, remember when eating these type sandwiches you have as much bread as you do meat (This one is on a steak roll .) 

Solution? If you have a big breakfast don't eat the roll, or eat only some of the roll.

Train Your Stomach

Train your stomach into expecting some sort of meal several times a day. I also ate two small snack type meals in between lunch and dinner and one after dinner.   They were generally carrot sticks or celery.  I know it doesn't sound as beefy or manly as you'd hoped, but the truth is, I lost 100 lbs making these changes in my diet. Once you get down to your goal weight then eating this size breakfast above is all you can manage to do!  If you want a giant rack of ribs, eat them for lunch.  You can do it !

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