Saturday, February 16, 2013

Underground Cellar Wine Cheese Pork Beef Chicken Steak Recipe for Dinner Satisfaction

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Food meals enhanced with good wine and cheese.

Tired of the same old meals? Is grilling become mundane? Are your Steaks and potatoes actually getting pushed back to every other week? I have a solution.  Try enhancing your palette and senses by adding in some wine and cheese with dinner.  Cheese and wine pairing is a great way to change the flavor in your mouth, enhance and titillate your senses, and bring out the hidden flavors of your steak, pork, chicken, veal, fish, or meat.  There are a few tricks involved.

What I Do

I get my bottle of gourmet wine shipped in (see below), select a cut of meat from the butcher, then pick out some great cheese via this great Gourmet Sleuth Wine and Cheese pairing guide and then it's on the dinner menu.  I can only say it's like adding the romance back into your pork tenderloin . Tasting cheese like you never have, and achieving all new heights with your meal. There will be a party of flavors in your mouth.  

No Whining About High Wine Prices : Pay Next to Nothing!

Now, as for wines, you have to try out Underground Cellar .  When's the last time you had a $100 bottle of wine show up at your door for just $20? I'm sure the answer is never.  This is a best kept secret but I'm here to explain. The reasoning here is that fru-fru and prestigious wineries send you their high-end wines to try and get you hooked ..... all you pay is a nominal price ($15-$20 per bottle) and the winery sends you their best stuff! 

Discover the secrets of California's best wineries by going underground,,,, into the Underground Cellar.   You can enter code "IM10" at checkout for free $10 gift card! That's like a free bottle of wine! Hey, anything for my favorite friends. Let me know what you get and oh, you're welcome!

The good part is, it's all about experimenting with different wine and cheese combinations, which is why there are endless possibilities as it comes to meal time. 

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