Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Real Pork Skins Recipe : The Yummy Truth

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The Yummy Truth  : A Blog to Watch

People ask me all the time if I really love to cook; and the answer is yes. Not just because I'm a barbecue guy but because cooking is in my blood.   Believe it or not my mom used to drag me with her to work when I was aged 5. Back then I snuck around in the kitchen getting in the way of all the cooks.  One man named Al took me under his wing and I learned how to cook Cajun style. My first creation was the Cajun egg omlette and at six, the food bug bit me. .

The same holds true for reading other people's blogs. I really like this one: The Yummy Truth.  It is well written and has great pictures.  In fact, it's written by April Jackson, who is the former Miss Jamaica Universe, she LOVES TO COOK!
My favorite post is this step by step recipe for Real Pork Skins.  It gives you the how to step by step and this isn't that crap in a bag.  These are real deep fried pork skins. Oh yeah.  Try it and tell me what do you think?

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