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Jay Dickey of J.Dickey's Sauces What BBQ Means

Jay Dickey is showing you his sauces on the shelf in the market! Courtesy: Jay's Facebook Page
You never know who will pop up for my barbecue interviews. I was glad to hear from Jay Dickey creator of the delicious J. Dickey Sauces (and grilling marinades). Jay's sauces, are all natural, gluten free, containing no high fructose corn syrup BBQ and marinade sauces that truly have a homemade and great taste. He grew up all over the world and has been making his own sauces for 18 years. Jay hails from my home state of Maryland, he is based out of Germantown but ships his sauces nationwide. 

J.Dickey's BBQ Sauces
J.Dickey's BBQ Sauces Bourbon, Maryland, and Blackberry Habanero Courtesy of Their Facebook Page

Now Jay doesn't play when it comes to sauces. His ingredients are top quality and costly. His sauce is what I refer to as "the good stuff" and gourmet.   I want you to imagine a habenero sauce with blackberries that has been made using all top quality NATURAL ingredients sweetened only from nature and not from artificial syrups. That's what J.Dickey Sauces are all about.   Here's what he had to say. Thanks to Jay for taking the time to send in his answers to my questions. Can't wait to try your sauces!  

How did your love of BBQ start?

I have always loved BBQ, however, when I was living in California, I was broke and had no sauce to cook with my chicken. I read the label on the back of a store bought BBQ sauce and figured, I can do that. So I went to my kitchen and concocted my first sauce. Since then, I have been addicted to making sauces and have since started my own sauce company.

Do you compete?

No, but  I would like to start competing someday, and I have a BBQ Competition Team interested in competing with my sauces on their meats.

What was your best accomplishment and why?

My best accomplishment to date is getting our sauces in a few Whole Foods and having people all of walks of life contacting me for my sauces.

What is your favorite way of smoking or are you partial to any brand of smoker or products?

Personally, I like to smoke my beef brisket fat side up. I cook at about 225 degrees and really try to take my time. I love to use hickory chips. I am still learning about smoking meats and excited about it.

Jay is featured in some Maryland stores as a local commodity! Photo: Jay's Facebook Page

Tell us in a nutshell "What does BBQ mean to you?"

BBQ to me means a slow way to cook some amazing meats that truly help define the United States of America!!!!!

Anything else you want people to know?

I have experimented for years, trying to find the right ingredients that are all natural and truly have that homemade taste and texture.

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