Friday, May 10, 2013

Olde York Street Fair Mother's Day Bell Socialization Services

Big Fat Daddys Fair Food
It's that time of year again where I call on my family and friends to donate their Mother's day to help raise money for a good cause. We all get together and run food stands for Bell Socialization Services who run the Bell Family Shelter in the city of York PA. They offer THIRTY DAY Temporary shelter for the homeless or those needing to regain their independence.  No one offers that anymore. Good shelters are hard to find.

I've know people who have received help from the Shelter (one woman who took her kids and fled her abusive husband) and they gave her the tools she needed to go start a new life.  She's now got her own apartment, job and new safe haven.

Bell Socialization Services, is simply put, amazing and I'm glad to be their partner every Mother's day for decades now. Come out and eat with us in York Pennsylvania on the corner of Market and George and know your purchase is helping Bell.

Rain or Shine I'll be cooking up some barbecue for you and I look forward to seeing my fans from Pennsylvania.  Here are some of the menu selections

Texas Beef / Pit Beef dry rubbed with some CF Sauer Spice and my Special Dry Rub
Pork BBQ
Turkey Legs
Angus Burgers
Crab Dip in a Bread Boule!  you know you want some!
Nick's Ferrante' Brothers Italian Sausage (Hatfield)
Funnel Cakes
Deep Fries Oreos

What are you waiting for?   This is a tradition. Come up and say HI.

Update: Thanks to YOUR support we raised over $1000 for Bell woot woot!

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