Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NY Strip Steak w J. Dickey's Bourbon Sauce

Big Fat Daddys with J. Dickey's Sauces

Jay Dickey sent me a box of his sauces. These are the ones you see in Whole Foods Markets or some local stores in my hometown of Maryland. Now, Jay has four or more sauces in his line up on his site.  In my box I received Maryland sauce, (a spicy red that reminds me of tomato base crab soup and I'm saving this for special occasion ), Blackberry Habanero and Bourbon Sauce.

My wife took the Habanero almost immediately and vanished with it.  On Jay's website you can even get the "Cranberry Habanero".  So for dinner I decided it would be "J.Dickey's Bourbon Sauce" on my grilled NY Strip.  I sauteed some onions, fresh garlic and peppers and grilled my strip to perfection. Roasted corn in the husk dipped in Old Bay and Butter--after all I'm a Baltimore guy. A slice of juicy beefsteak tomato to top it off and on the side, a dab of J. Dickey's Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Now the real review:  

Items: J. Dickey's Bourbon Sauce
My rating: A+
My classification: Gourmet- A restaurant could slather this on top it's steak and create a whole new dish.
Initial Reaction: Taste Bud Burn Hot Damn!

In all honesty, Jay's sauces take a moment to adjust to. I'm so used to lots of sugar and fructose in my sauces that taking a bite of something that's bursting with real flavor throws off the taste buds - but in a good way.   It's a burst of flavor in your mouth that you don't expect.  It's the kind of thing you keep tasting, and eventually becomes addicting. You don't need a lot. A jar of this will last you a real long time, the flavors are robust and real. I really liked it.   (A little too much, I'm actually using it for everything at this point.)

bourbon sauce jay dickey

Jay didn't pay me to write this, people send me all kinds of things in the mail. I get things you wouldn't believe -- from meat forks to books.  I don't write about stuff unless it's good. This stuff is better than good.  Day one, look how much is gone and I'm telling you, you don't need a lot.

Angus Burgers w  Blackberry Habanero Sauce

A day later, I had the  Blackberry Habanero sauce on some pretzel sticks. It burnt the h-e-l-l out of my nostrils in a good way. So much so I wanted more. So I slathered it all over my Angus Burgers. Damn good.

I'd just like to say when I run out I will be buying Jay's sauce. On his website right now, you can buy six jars and get free shipping.

Jay doesn't know I'm posting this, but he soon will see it.
I hope J. Dickey's is in every Giant food someday.
Or every Longhorn Steakhouse.
Every Whole Foods.
Every state in the USA.
It's that damn good.  If this is what gluten-free tastes like, I'm in.

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