Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Business Saavy Salamander Hot Sauce Heating Things Up on Kickstarter

Salamander Hot Sauce
Go Salamander Hot Sauce go!
Here's some food for thought. You have to start somewhere with your business idea, and try and try again until you succeed.

More and more and more people are using social media sites, for instance like Kickstarter to try to get their idea, product, or business idea funded.

Salamander hot Sauce
Strawberry Hot Sauce : Something New and Yummy

Strawberries , Mango, Kiwis, and Habanero?

Salamander Hot Sauce has a nicely presented gig and business plan and to date and has over $6800 in pledges already. What's not to love, you pledge some money to back this guy's dream of making delicious hot sauce and if you pledge enough you will get some hot sauce in return?  Three flavors in their original plan which includes a tropical full of fruity flavors and a strawberry which makes creating gourmet dishes somewhat easier. Spice up that dish with some strawberry hot sauce drizzle!

Who is this guy?  Timothy Kavarnos is from Brooklyn, New York.  You heard about this right here first folks. I believe Salamander Hot Sauce is going to be a name you'll see all over the place in a few years.  The test marketing has gone very well and it's getting great reviews.  What's more, the flavors are not the norm and that is something chefs and foodies will revel in. 
I'm hoping we see this hot sauce everywhere. I also hope you'll be using it on your fajita steak to kick things up a notch.

What's my point and lesson in Business Savvy?
Many of you write me letters about how to be successful in business. My advice today is simple. Don't give up until you succeed. Use every method possible for getting your product out there. It's hard to initially find your market. Keep trying until you do.  If Stephen King didn't quit writing due to his first couple hundred rejection letters then you too can be a winner.  People who are committed to winning won't give up. 
As for Tim, Check out his presentation right here.   If Tim doesn't get the full project funded at least he's getting exposure to his product and brand. Either now, or later, this hot sauce will be on shelves everywhere because he's got determination to succeed.  That's the lesson for today.  Kick it up a notch in everything you do, and top it off  with some Salamander Hot Sauce.

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