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Eating Gluten Free At the Fair

Big Fat Daddy's Loaded Grill
There are plenty of gluten free offers at fairs or festivals!
In today's world there are so many allergies  health issues relating to gluten , so what is one to do when going to a fair or festival?  Here are a few tips.

Big Fat Daddys Crab Boules
Yummy Yummy Big Fat Daddy's Bread Boules full of Crab Dip

Sometimes,  Sourdough Bread is a good alternative to Gluten breads!

1. Nix the Specialty Items.

First off, stay away from specialty items if you can't decipher what could possibly be in them. Case in point, these are French Bread Boules full of crab dip  Even though the manufacturer (Pillsbury) says they are Sourdough bread, we aren't exactly sure what Pillsbury's exact process is in making them. Therefore, you should avoid these type specialty foods in case you are sensitive to Gluten.

2. Nix the Fried Foods that are Breaded.

Since you can't be certain exactly what type batter is used on fried foods, and most are commercially prepared (such as Chicken tenders which come pre-breaded) it may be a good idea to nix the fried foods in case you have a Gluten Allergy.

big fat daddys
Stick to meats, nix the breads. Big Fat Daddy's Angus Burgers and Nick Ferrante's original recipe Sausage.

3. Stick to Meats but Nix the Buns!

Since food vendors are using commercially produced bread, the labels may not tell you exactly the "gluten" scientific ingredients on them. Therefore, it's a great idea to avoid the bun and ask for the meat on the side instead of on a bun.  This is where you may find that food vendors won't have a plastic fork so walk tall and carry a fork with you!

Big Fat Daddy's
Poultry is a safe choice if you have gluten allergies.

4. Poultry is Safe!

Eating some grilled turkey or grilled chicken at the fair is a safe idea. Just steer away from battered or deep fried!

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