Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weber Grill Bel Air BBQ Bash Competition

When you think of competitions, what do you think of? Certainly not this!  A full KCBS competition entry cooked on a vintage Weber grill!  Say what? Well, read why we did this and check out our placement. Not bad for cramming it all together and going with it. Oh yeah, next time, maybe we should inject the brisket woopsie!

Big Fat Daddys Bel Air BBQ Bash Weber grill

Big Fat Daddy's is not serious about competing and we do it once a year at the Bel Air BBQ Bash s condition of us selling our menu.  We'd love to do it all the time but we are booked every weekend selling at fairs or festivals. It's very hard to compete unless you have a big team to help you. We would rather work on bringing you mouthwatering food than worrying about a trophy or notariety.

Left to right: DJ McLain, Wayne Schafer and forefront: vintage Weber Grill

Weber Grill
Time to check the brisket

weber vintage grill
DJ McLain is pumped for competition!

As well, due to our long standing track record for award winning "pit beef" and barbecue according to:

Steven Raichlen, "This is Baltimore's version of BBQ"
Saveur Magazine "Baltimore's Barbecue"
The New York Times "How to Say Barbecue in Baltimore"
Rachael Ray's 2010 Grilling Issue  : "Pit Beef" Pick for Maryland!
The Baltimore Sun, "Iconic Foods"

Yawn....we could go on and one, but we won't. Call us dinosaurs, we don't care.

bigfatdaddys dinosaurs
Snapped this on the way to Warren County Fair, it's the massive Dinosaurs from DinosaurLand!

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