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Perfect Porterhouse Steak Marinade Recipe T-Bone

Porterhouse Steak bigfatdaddys
The more basic you are in the cooking process, the better a True Porterhouse steak tastes, in my opinion.

Selecting Your Porterhouse

I went to the local butcher to select the perfect Porterhouse. By nature, Porterhouse Steak has noticeable marbling or fat pockets separating the meat which makes it juicy and melt in your mouth.  It has a T-Bone but technically is not the same as the T-Bone cut of steak. The main difference to the eye from a T-Bone a Porterhouse should be the thickness.

If you get a Porterhouse that's only a half inch thick at the thickest point you just got jolted when in fact according to the USDA, the Porterhouse classification should be at least an inch and a half thick at least on one point.

I'm not saying that a T-bone isn't just as good, it's just a thinner cut from the front area of the short loin when in fact the Porterhouse is cut from the rear end of the short loin.  Of course, the latter is more expensive so you want to select your meat carefully.

Simple Porterhouse Steak Marinade
The Porterhouse should be at least 1.25" thick on one point or else you didn't get a true Porterhouse but maybe just a TBone.
Simple Porterhouse Marinade (Classic):

I marinate my Porterhouse overnight before grilling in a large glass bowl.  Here is my basic recipe for marinating two plate-sized Porterhouses: 

1. Cover all sides with Cracked Peppercorn
2. Cover all sides lightly with Sea Salt
3.  Sprinkle your favorite rub. Mine is BigFatDaddys of course. (Create your own dry rub here) If your rub is super salty, use even less Sea Salt.
4. Add one clove of fresh garlic sprinkle lightly.
5. 1/4 cup Worcestershire and brush on.

That's really simple, and they are deliciously prepped for grilling the next day.

For Extra Savory Flavor: I should tell you my wife has the "Magic Bullet" juicer and I have actually thrown  all the items above, the whole skinned Garlic Clove whole plus the Worcestershire sauce in the juicer to make a smooth mix that you can brush on.  This extracts all the flavor out of the garlic.

For a Southwestern Twist: Switch #3 with Jake's Southwestern Rub (delicious)  Buy it there or check out their website Jakes
Porterhouse Steak Marinade Recipe
A Porterhouse is a whole meal, but finish it off with healthy recipes.

Grilling the Next Day & Healthy Meal Idea: 

Grill your steak on an open flame turning often. I use wood or wood charcoal and not regular charcoal.  For a great healthy meal, here's what I ate:

Porterhouse Steak
Grilled Onions and Mushrooms
Steamed Broccoli
Jack Tarr Potatoes

I hope you use my recipe!  I wanted to thank my friends over at Churrasco Shop who sponsored this post so I could share this recipe with you.   For the best Brazilian bbq accessories check out ChurrascoShop.  My favorite item over there is the Skewers Basic Kit.   Any grillmaster would love that!

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