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Tips for Beef Dry Rub Grilling with Fruit Brisket Heaven

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We marinate beef briskets and bottom rounds in fruit and onions!  Pin It
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Woop there it is.

Russel writes in from North Carolina:   "Dear Wayne - your beef picture up on there is just too pretty to be real. Did you decorate it up with orange slices just for the website or does that crap really work? I thought you only use the dry rubs."
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Hell yeah it's real. See the orange slices at work!
Well Russel, it's real, and it's ours, (see above) and in fact we have some grilling tips for you.  Dry Rub Grilling is perfected when you find your niche seasoning blend.  The experimentation however, does not stop there.  Mixing other components with your dry rub can take your grilling to a whole new level. I can't tell you all my grillmaster trade secrets but I will share this in regards to Fruit:

Tips and Tricks:

§ Experimenting with paper thin layers of sliced oranges, lemons, and limes atop my meats while the meat is marinating in the fridge provides a nice light citrus flavor.  In case you haven't noticed, I also do this with paper thin white onion slices.  So on top my marinade, I have a mix of orange and onions.  I like to think of this as adding some sugar and some tang.

Marinating for 12 hours or less will give you a slight "hint" of sweetness. I leave mine in the fridge for 24-48 hours at least. This gives the fruits time to soak into the meat.

Now one would think you remove this fruit prior to grilling but I don't.  I sear the meat with the citrus still present. Even if the sliced fruit drops into your charcoal or gets stuck onto the the grate area, the aroma is still there and hell, we've eaten the crispy onion and fruit pieces too.

Experimentation with fruit on top of dry rub takes your meat to a whole new level of heaven. Just goes to show there is such a thing as a fruity hillbilly!

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