Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eat Healthy at the County Fair Chicken Galore

Photo courtesy of IraMency, taken at the Cecil County Fair.
I hear a lot of people hate overeating at the county fair.  They dread eating funnel cakes, Italian Sausage and Cheesesteak which may be loaded with calories--although sometimes traditional food associated with fairs. Sometimes just the giant bread itself makes you feel stuffed and bloated after just one sandwich.  If you want to choose a healthy alternative why not try a turkey leg, or get some sliced pit beef without the bread?  My Cheesesteaks are made with my real texas beef, so they seem to be a good alternative if you do have to eat something BIG!   

Big Fat Daddy's grilled chicken dinners are lower in fat that most fair foods.
I do barbeque chicken platters at some of my county fairs, and they are a great alternative when on a diet.  I cut a whole chicken in half, add some dry rub and smoke it on high heat on both sides.  It then steams in a pan of water on our grills, coated in a hickory sweet barbecue sauce so that it's moist when you eat it.  Add two sides try some of my cajun homemade slaw, texas basked beans, 1/2 grilled corn cob, small side of fresh cut zero trans fat oil fries, summer cuke and tomato salad or fresh cut watermelon, and this proves to be a healthier alternative over traditional fair food.

Now honestly I don't see anything wrong with skipping lunch and pigging out on a big old pork barbecue or beef sandwich, if you know you are going to the fair, why not enjoy yourself?  Just don't overdo it. Remember, eat in moderation but do enjoy the bbq!

Want to Eat and Cook Healthier at Home? 

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Ferris Wheel at the Cecil County Fair.  Courtesy: IraMency

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