Thursday, September 6, 2012

Get Healthy Beef Up Love Your Body

Big Fat Daddys Salad
A Salad a Day can really hit the spot, pile all that crap you crave in there for taste, when really it's only a teaspoon of each!
Eat Healthy: Let Me Count the Ways

It's no secret I have struggled with my weight all my life. Had a heart attack at 37 and struggled to get myself back in shape. Now I'm 49 and I have been up and down with weight loss, losing as much as 100 pounds and trying to keep it off. I'm here to tell you it's darn hard to keep the weight off when you LOVE to eat certain foods. I enjoy a good Angus Burger (that's got to be my favorite food) and must have beer (Natty Boh for this guy) with my Ravens game, and that's calories right there.

So I go with the whole moderation is key factor. I learned a lot of Natural Medicine Talk by reading different websites and seeing what I can do naturally to help lower my cholesterol and certain changes I could make in my lifestyle to help.

Big Spread at Big Fat Daddys
You could push away from the table or just eat in moderation, your choice.

I spend a lot of time on the road away from home. Although I have no time to prepare a healthy salad, and sometimes I'm away from home for ten days at at time, I make it a point to visit a salad bar.  If I'm craving ham or salsa, I pile a teaspoon of that on top and really think I'm getting a treat. 

I thought of a few things I do that may help you lose a few pounds or stay in shape!

  • When you have a big meal looking at you square in the face, sample small portions of everything.
  • Eat slow and drink lots of water.  This will fill you up faster. 
  • One meal a day should be a salad.  *Use reduced fat or light dressing when possible.
  • Snack on fruits throughout the day. This will satisfy your sweet craving. 
  • When you are going to eat something like a beef or pork sandwich, cut your bread in half, eat more meat and less bread. 
  • Try the Ham Dogger --- shout out to @foodchatter on Twitter who did a great view of the HamDogger right here.  What is it you ask? Something to shape your burgers into hot dog shapes so they fit on a hot dog bun.  If you hate filling up on bread, and want all meat and no bun this is for you!  This way you still can eat your burger, but overall you may end up with less bread!
  • If you are having soup or stew, start with a coffee cup full instead of a big bowl. Most six or eight ounce cups you will only fill up 3/4 of the way, and it's a bit more time consuming to eat soup this way. Therefore, you are taking longer to eat it and filling up faster!
Big Fat Daddys Soup
Soup in a coffee cup may get you eating less and taking longer. 

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