Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pigs Are Dirty Warning Not For the Vegetarian


I have to say those cute little pigs can be real dirty creatures. Sure, grilling pigs is a dirty job. I get asked a lot if I do whole hog (I would but the wife does not like looking at their little faces.) I guess it makes her feel better for me to get giant pieces of pig ass and grill those.

Now grilling pigs gets messy because of all the pork fat . For me, it drips down through my grate onto the wood fire and causes a lot of flare ups. If not careful I can really have a big meltdown.  This is where the Texas Brush comes into play, to clean the grate real good.  I don't mind because I'm cooking the fat right out of that sucker.  The pork fat actually helps keep your wood burning, as the fat that drips down is as good as kindling.

For those of you who think most pork overall is high in fat and sodium, you are right. However, when the pork loin, shoulder, or butt is braised and cooked properly, low and slow over high heat (and on a smoker you can indeed cook a good portion of the fat right out of that bad boy), you would be surprised at the updated  PORK Nutrition Facts right here. 
Pork Barbecue Big Fat Daddys
No two pork barbecues are the same.
Who can refute the glory that happens next? Pull it, add your spices and sauce and savor the flavor on a great pig old pork barbecue sandwich. No two taste the same, so why not try everyone's?  Mine is not your traditional southern vinegar based but more of a hickory sweet. I rarely pull mine but often slice or process mine into thin layers, simmering into a hickory sweet sauce that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. What's not to love?

Alternative to Pigs: 

Still disgusted?  Then I guess you'll have to eat Vegan Barbecue which is just something I found over at  Almanac of Eats.  Every day with them is a National Food Holiday!

Almanac of Eats
Holy Vegan Cow, check out these vegetarian Spareribs!
There's National Spaghetti Day, National Whiskey Day, even a National Caviar Day! Almanac of Eats is celebrating with fun food facts, giveaways, and recipes. Come eat the year!   Please follow their Facebook Page or Twitter, we like their style!

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