Friday, April 26, 2013

Pork Me Pit Boss Belt A Useful Tool

Here's some pork I cooked yesterday on my upcycled"drum smoker." I made 3 smokers in the past month. I've been busy. I have butts in the front and shoulders in the back.
I'm picky about my cuts of meat and how I grill much just like I'm a little picky when it comes to barbecue and grilling supplies, tools or gadgets. I think it's safe to say the barbecue industry has commercialized the very simple art of grilling into a multi-zillion dollar industry. I'm not knocking all the spices and rubs out there, or even sauces, they are the best creations ever because it took a human to invent them . These things just enhance your barbecue.  I'm saying some of these gadgets they make are not worth the money and I've been sent lots of products to review or speak on and well, you haven't heard me now have you?  Now when a gadget is a useful tool I'll tell you so.  Here's something I found and have been watching their blog (full of useful grilling snippets and reviews) . So, check this out ....
the pit boss belt

Finally! Something as useful as it is purdy! Photo:

Now one product is as functional as it is cool and therefore I would like to say I'd call it a useful tool. That's the Pit Boss Belt. If someone was going to get me a gift, this is it folks.  My 50th is coming up in August so I'm hinting around now.

Here's why I like this sweet number: 

  • It holds your cellphone on your side away from the heat.  I have burnt up five of those fancy androids standing next to my pit smoker without even realizing it. It happens in my top shirt pocket or even in my shorts or sweats pocket. You don't realize how much heat comes off a grill or smoker while you are standing there grilling and flipping and talking and so, this is great. Your phone is now on the side of you and not anywhere in the front. 
  • It holds your rubs.. Nothing like grabbing a pinch of spice from the container on your side to sprinkle some love on your food. 
  • There's never enough room on your grill side at home to put all your gadgets. Why not keep 'em in here?
  • They make big man's belts in case your waist doesn't fit up to the 44". These belts won't fit with the pit boss fancy buckle, but who cares about that when you are busy grilling? Finally, someone who understands ALL PIT GUYS ARE NOT SKINNY! 
  • It holds your beer.  They had me at hello!
Look at this:
Pit Boss Belt the ultimate man gift
Finally something designed with beer and grilling in mind! Photo Credit:

Anyone using this product ? Shout out to me @bigfatdaddys on twitter because I want to hear what you thin about it.   I'm off to tweet them now and tell them great idea and I hope they know I'm impressed.

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Note: I was not paid in any way, shape or form to write this, it's just common sense, folks, thanks , +Big Fat Daddy's

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